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Worshipful Master Bro. Jeff Meade with 50 Year Service Award Recipient Bro. John A. Karlen


"A Mason is not necessarily a member of a lodge. In a broad sense, he is any person who daily tries to live the Masonic life, and to serve intelligently the needs of the Great Architect."

The statement above references the dedication it takes for a man to be a Mason, which is why it is such a great honor to receive a 50 year service award, and to be able to award one!  The Brothers at Pewee Valley Lodge were able to do just during our last meeting, by presenting this award to Brother John A. Karlen.  Congratulation Brother and thank you for your years of service!


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Pewee Valley Lodge #829 has a new banner to use for the Oldham County fair!  Thanks very much to Brother Roger Barnett, SGIG of the Scottish Rite Orient of Kentucky, PGM of the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, and owner of Graphic Images, LLC, who graciously donated his time and effort in to helping us with our new banner.

Pewee Valley Lodge is the sponsor of The Millie Head Foundation Scholarship Program, which is the top prize given for the Miss Oldham County Fair Pageant, part of the Oldham County Fair.  The fair will be open July 28th to August 1st.  Keep your eye out for our banner!

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Visiting Brothers and Pewee Valley Lodge #829 Worshipful Master Brother Jeffrey Meade (center)


Our May 5th meeting was an exciting and busy evening!  We were fortunate enough to have guest speakers Danielle and Colleen Ernspiker from our local Job's Daughters Bethel #18.  Danielle explained what Job's Daughters is to the Brothers of our Lodge and answered questions.  We also had several guest Brothers from various Lodges, including a few from Madisonville-Madeira Mariemont Lodge# 419 in Cincinnati, Ohio and another Brother all the way from Pennslyvania stopped in!  Along with our guest speakers and all of our visitors, we had the most honored privilege to award Brother Donald W. Smith, PM with a 50 year service award and pin!  Congratulations Brother!


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Worshipful Master (Pewee Valley Lodge) Jeffrey Meade, Brother Donald W. Smith, PM and Worshipful Master (Madisonville-Madeira Mariemont Lodge) Sam Benzinger


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Good friends, Brother Donald W. Smith, PM and Pewee Valley Lodge Past Master Brother Doug Flowers


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Acting Worshipful Master Tom Ruby & Brother Gary Waggoner


The Lodge meeting on Tuesday, June the 2nd was an exciting evening!  We welcomed Bro. Gary Waggoner as our newest Entered Apprentice in to the Lodge.  The EA degree was headed by Pewee Valley Lodge Brother Tom Ruby acting as the Worshipful Master who did an excellent job and we had a few other brothers step in to new roles as well.  Our District Deputy Grand Master Bro. Brad Steverson was also on hand to deliver the 2nd part of the EA degree.  We had a fantastic dinner as well!  If you haven't been coming to Lodge, you should stop in for a visit!

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Brother John Cissell, PM from Buechel Lodge #896 receives a gift from Brother Rick Fletcher, PM at Pewee Valley Lodge.  Bro. John gave a very interesting and informative lecture on circumambulation during our monthly Masonic Education night.  Several brothers were in attendance and enjoyed the class.  We are looking forward to hearing from Bro. John again!