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70 Year Service Award Recipient T. Smith, RW Grand Junior Warden Richard Short and 2021 Master John Adkins

On Sunday, September the 26th, Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 held it's annual Past Masters and Widows luncheon. This luncheon is a way to celebrate all of our Past Masters and widows of Brethren who have laid down their working tools and passed to the Great Architect of the Universe. It was also a day to recognize Brothers who have been members of the fraternity for an incredible length of time, offering their skills and services to the craft.

The Right Worshipful Grand Junior Warden Bro. Richard Short from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky showed up to present the service awards and give a quick speech honoring all of the past Masters, Widows, Veterans and service awards recipients.

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Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 received this beautiful, Masonic Homes apron from the Masonic Homes during the District 17 meeting, in recognition of a donation made to the Masonic Homes in the name of the Lodge. Thank you to the Brother who anonymously made the donation and the Masonic Homes for the recognition!

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Past Master Brother Bob Payne receives his 50 Year Service Pin and Award from 2020 Master John Adkins

Brother Bob Payne is a Past Master of Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 and was awarded with a pin and free membership card from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky for having been a Kentucky Mason for 50 years. Few Brothers ever earn this distinguished honor. Its a testament to this Brothers and Freemasonry as a whole, for a life dedicated to serving others. Congratulations Brother Bob!

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Left to Right: John Adkins, Tom McShane, Hubert Huffman, Jim Stephens, Gene Crady, Phil Wyatt, Don Whitehouse, James Willis, Doug Flowers, Larry Mann, Rob Henry and Bob Payne

Pewee Valley Lodge held a Past Masters and Widows luncheon and reception for Past Masters of the Lodge and friends of the Lodge.

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Brother Clayton E. Stoess Sr.

On Saturday, July 4th, 2020, Brother Clayton E. Stoess Sr. turned 102 years old! Bro. Clayton is a Past Master of Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829, having served as Master of the Lodge in 1953. He is also a World War II veteran, serving on a minesweeper during the Normandy beach invasion and also in Japan after V-J day. Brother Clayton is a life long resident of Crestwood, Kentucky and has been civically involved his entire life. Happy Birthday Brother Clayton!