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The Brothers of Pewee Valley Lodge managed to get their hands on the District# 17 Traveling Gavel!!!  We plan on keeping it forever... unless a few worthy Brothers from another Lodge show up to relinquish it from us!  Brothers, you are challenged!  Come see us!

We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Dinner begins at 6:30pm with the Lodge opening at 7:30pm.

You can find us at 6415 Railroad Ave., Crestwood, KY 40014 (Between Hwy 22 & Hwy 146 in Crestwood above the old firehouse)

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(Left to right: Gene Crady PM, Larry Mann PM, Worden Wilder PM, Kevin Reardon PM, John Shaughnessy 2016 Worshipful Master)


The brothers of Pewee Valley Lodge performed the 3rd section of the Master Mason degree at the Scottish Rite Temple in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  Many brothers from around the state attended the event and there was also a guest speaker.  The brothers do an excellent job with degree work and perform it in a unique manner, not done by many other Lodges.  Thanks to these guys for working hard to make this a great success!

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Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy receives the Traveling Gavel from Chaplain Bob Strange


Brothers from Pewee Valley Lodge made it to Lockport Lodge #772 to take possession of the Traveling Gavel.  The Traveling Gavel program is an incentive program designed to get brothers from all across the state to travel around to other Lodges and meet new brothers.  Pewee Valley Lodge will keep the gavel until a group of brothers from our district will visit our Lodge and take possession of it for theirs.

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Grand Chaplain Billy Reed Clements and 2016 Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


This past meeting at Pewee Valley Lodge (2/16/16) was a great night for visitors!  The Kentucky Grand Chaplain Billy Reed Clements stopped in along with the Masonic Homes Ambassador Ben Spencer.  We were also proud to have Past Grand Master Brother David Carter, the current Personal Representative and Registrar from the Scottish Rite, Valley of Louisville as well as the 2016 Worshipful Master Thomas McShane from Fortitude Lodge #47 in Lagrange!


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Recently raised Brother Gary Waggoner with 2016 Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


We have many events and activities in the coming month so be sure to check our calendar often as it is updated regularly.  For our next, regular communication (Mar. 1st), brother Gary Waggoner will be giving his Master Mason proficiency and you never know what special guests may stop in for a visit.

Brothers from Pewee Valley Lodge will be also be doing the 3rd section of the Master Mason degree at the Louisville Scottish Rite on Thursday, February 25, 2016.  This is open to all Master Masons so come out and show your support.  This is a very unique version of the 3rd section that you will not want to miss!  Dinner begins at 6:30 with the degree work to start at 7:30 pm.


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Brother Jeff Meade receives a Past Masters apron from Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


On January 5th, Pewee Valley Lodge had its first meeting of the new year 2016 and what a busy night it was!  Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy presided over a full house and took care of a lot of business.  Several petitions were read and voted on, correspondence and minutes from two past meetings were gone over, new committees were established and a few awards were handed out. 


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Brother H.I. Riggs receives a 50 Year Service Award from Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


Also, the Worshipful Master from Fortitude Lodge in Lagrange, Tom McShane, was there and discussed the plans for their upcoming Master Mason degree on January 25th.  The brothers of Pewee Valley Lodge and the Louisville Scottish Rite will be assisting Fortitude Lodge with the degree and Pewee Valley has a Fellow Craft that will be receiving the Master Mason degree as well.  Please be sure to come out and show your support for these brothers!  Dinner begins at 6:30 pm with the Lodge opening at 7:30 pm.