Masonry was very well represented during the Oldham County Day parade and celebration in Lagrange, Kentucky on July 16th, 2016!!!  Brothers were there from Fortitude Lodge #47, Pewee Valley Lodge #829 and the Shriners were there too!

JWA 0004 700

Brother Howard Griffin getting his Ford Model A ready for the parade


JWA 0006 700

Past Masters Rodny Davidson and Gene Crady


JWA 0012 700

Past Master Marshall Geoghegan with his wife, their hotrod and their gorilla (you'll have to ask Marshall about that)


JWA 0018 700

Past Master Jim Stephens and current Worshipful Master from Fortitude Lodge #47, Tom McShane


JWA 0068 700

Shriners have all the fun!


JWA 0134 700

Brothers from Fortitude Lodge #47

Lots of things happening at the Lodge lately!  Last meeting we had a few visitors, discussed quite a bit of business and an Entered Apprentice degree coming up for our next meeting.  Please come out and show your support for this new brother-to-be and to assist the Lodge!

JWA 0002 700

Past Master Gene Crady presents Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy with a t-shirt from Barney's Auto Fest 2016 in Lagrange, Ky.  The Lodge helped to sponsor the event.


JWA 0001 700

Visiting Brothers Revel Lewis III and IV from Shelby Lodge No. 662 and Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


JWA 8766 700

Brother Robert Henry and Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


Congratulations to Brother Rob Henry on receiving his Certificate of Proficiency in all three degrees from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky!!

JWA 0070 700

Brothers Jeff Meade PM, John Shaughnessy WM & Jim Stephens PM


Part of an ongoing program by our 2016 Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy is to recognize brothers on a monthly basis who go above and beyond to assist the Lodge in varying degrees.  We were unable to present last month's award recipient with his award because he was unable to attend (he was most likely golfing :)  Pictured above are the last two months recipients, Brothers Jeff Meade PM and Jim Stephens PM.  Congratulations brothers for your hard work and unwavering support of the Lodge!

Our last Lodge meeting was a great night!!  We raised a new brother to the sublime degree of a Master Mason and had a house full of visitors to join in!  Several brothers from W.G. Simpson Lodge #472 showed up to claim the District #17 traveling gavel as well!


JWA 8742 700

Newly raised Brother, Richard Leister, Jr with his proud dad, Richard Leister, Sr.


JWA 8741 700

Brothers from W.G. Simpson Lodge No. 472 showed up to claim the District #17 traveling gavel!


JWA 8739 700

Guests and Brothers from W.G. Simpson Lodge and our Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


The Brothers from Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 would like to thank all of those who showed up for, and participated in our Master Mason degree.  It meant a lot to the candidate and is a perfect example of brotherly love and affection.  Thank you!