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One of the many things brothers of Masonry excel at, is helping other brothers in distress. Recently, a few brothers from the Lodge got together to help out another who downed trees from past storms. The brothers had a good time and were able to help another out. This is just one of many things members of Masonry do!

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The Lodge has been busy this year so far! We've worked on purchasing bicycles for donations to the local elementary schools. We've had many discussions on raising funds for other events and during our last meeting, we had the privilege of passing two Brothers to the Fellow Craft Degree! Congratulations to Brothers Dennis Hornback and Matt Henderson on advancing to the the next step in Masonry!

Thanks to all the Brothers of Pewee Valley Lodge who worked hard to make this happen!

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Just wanted to share this with our Lodge. This little river birch tree was planted at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in honor of Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829. A Brother of the Lodge graciously made this donation. Also, Bro. Rick Fletcher's parents snapped these photos and sent them to us so we could see how the tree is doing. It appears to like its home!

What a great honor it is to be a part of the National Memorial in Washington D.C.!

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2017 Worshipful Master Tom Ruby presents Brother John McIntosh with his 50 year pin!

Lots of great things happening in the Lodge this year! We just had a Brother receive his 50 year pin, and the current Worshipful Master has been keeping up with the tradition started last year of awarding a "Mason of the Month" award to various Brothers who go above and beyond to assist the Lodge in various functions. We just had our District 17 meeting and the Masonic Great Day of Service, and for our next meeting, we will be conferring the Fellow Craft degree on two Brothers!

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2017 Worshipful Master Tom Ruby presents Past Master Doug Flowers with a Mason of the Month award!

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Past Master Gene Crady receives a Mason of the Month award from 2017 Worshipful Master Tom Ruby!

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2017 Worshipful Master Tom Ruby welcomes Past Master of Fortitude Lodge No. 47 Tom McShane to Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829. Bro. Tom McShane recently petitioned the Lodge for dual membership and we are glad to have him aboard!

If you haven't been to Lodge in a while or want to see what its all about, stop in for a visit!

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Worshipful Master Tom Ruby with Brothers from Daylight Lodge, Bedford and Milton Lodges

We've been fortunate to always have visiting Brothers stop by on various nights. Its always good to see so many traveling men from all over the state and sometimes, from other states as well. Perhaps that's one of the great benefits of being a Mason, the opportunity to be a well traveled man and to share the light with other Brothers!

Be sure to check our calendar as we have several new events added and are constantly try to add more as information becomes available!