Tree GW Masonic Memorial 700

Just wanted to share this with our Lodge.  This little river birch tree was planted at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in honor of Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829.  A Brother of the Lodge graciously made this donation.  Also, Bro. Rick Fletcher's parents snapped these photos and sent them to us so we could see how the tree is doing.  It appears to like its home!

What a great honor it is to be a part of the National Memorial in Washington D.C.!


IMG 0800 700

Worshipful Master Tom Ruby with Brothers from Daylight Lodge, Bedford and Milton Lodges


We've been fortunate to always have visiting Brothers stop by on various nights.  Its always good to see so many traveling men from all over the state and sometimes, from other states as well.  Perhaps that's one of the great benefits of being a Mason, the opportunity to be a well traveled man and to share the light with other Brothers!

Be sure to check our calendar as we have several new events added and are constantly try to add more as information becomes available!

JWA 1803 700

2017 Worshipful Master Tom Ruby with 2016 Past Master John Shaughnessy


The Lodge is off to a great start this year with the budget and possible fund raisers already discussed and a lot of awesome plans and projects for the upcoming year!


During our last meeting, Master Tom Ruby presented 2016 Past Master John Shaughnessy with a Mason of the Month award.  This was a program initiated by Master Shaughnessy to show appreciation for members of the Lodge who show a little extra incentive in the functions of the Lodge.  This was a successful program so the 2017 Master has decided to continue on with the program.


JWA 1802 700

2017 Worshipful Master Tom Ruby and Master Robert Hart


Also during our last meeting, Master Robert Hart (along with our own treasurer Larry Mann, PM) gave a great presentation on the benefits of becoming a Shriner and all of the different ways the Shrine supports our local and national communities.  It was very informative and in appreciation of these brothers doing this, WM Tom presented Bro. Heart with a "mini" Louisville Slugger baseball bat.


A lot of great things have been discussed in the first two meetings of the year and we want YOU to be a part of it!  If you haven't been to the Lodge in a while, please give us a visit and see what you've been missing!  If you're not a Mason and have stumbled upon this page, be sure to check out our contact page and drop us a line if you're interested!

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Grand Master's Lodge of Excellence Award 2016


During our last stated communication, the Brothers of Pewee Valley Lodge were presented with the Grand Master's Lodge of Excellence Award for the 2016 year.  It is a great honor to receive this award and is only done so by the hard work of all the Brothers in the Lodge.  Past Master John Shaughnessy made it one of his priorities for the coming year to work towards this accomplishment and the current Master, Tom Ruby is following in his footsteps to pursue the same, lofty goal!  It takes all the Brothers of the Lodge to achieve this award so if there is something you would like to do to contribute, please let us know! 

You can read more about what it takes to achieve this award by clicking on this link on our downloads page:

Help us to shine more light in the 2017 year!


JWA 1662 700


Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 had our annual Installation on Tuesday, December 20th 2016.  This was an open installation so that our wives, families and friends could participate.  We had a ton of good food and fellowship!  Bro. Tom Ruby was installed as the Master for the coming 2017 year and all the Brothers in line moved up one chair.  We also added a new steward to the line up, Bro. Kellie Sacra.


To see more photos from the Lodge Installation, please visit our PHOTO GALLERY!


Also, from all the Brothers at Pewee Valley Lodge, we'd like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!