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Acting Master Phil Feigel welcomes a visitor to Pewee Valley Lodge. We're always exciting to have new guests!

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Acting Master Phil Feigel presents Junior Steward Kellie Sacra with a service pin

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2017 Master Tom Ruby with new Master Masons Matthew Henderson and Dennis Hornback

Pewee Valley Lodge had the privilege to welcoming two new Master Masons to our fraternity, Brothers Matthew Henderson and Dennis Hornback. The brothers were raised at an outdoor Master Mason degree in Lexington and worked very hard to join us as Master Masons. Congratulations to both of these brothers!

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Past Master Rodny Davidson presents our new Brothers with their Kentucky Monitors and Aprons. Brother Rodny lectured and mentored both brothers through their whole ritual learning. Thanks to Brother Rodny for taking the time to work with these Masons!

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One of the many charitable activities Pewee Valley Lodge is involved in is, the awarding of bicycles to local elementary school students. The winners receive the bicycles for various achievements at their schools, such as good grades, perfect attendance, good citizenship etc. Above is one our winners from Harmony Elementary school in Goshen, Kentucky. The Lodge takes great pride in being able to offer these awards to local schools and really enjoys being able to help our local kids!

Below is a note from the counselor at Harmony Elementary:

"Pewee Valley Masonic Lodge,

Harmony Elementary would like to extend our sincerest thank yous for the generous gift card to Walmart. Today, one of our students was gifted with the bike donated by your organization. This student has worked incredibly hard this year and was over the moon when he received this gift.

Thank you, again. Please enjoy the pictures."

Kirsten Murphy
School Counselor
Harmony Elementary
1901 S Highway 1793,
Goshen, KY

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Past Master Jeff Meade (left) and H.I. Riggs (right) are presented Masons of the Month awards by 2017 Master Tom Ruby

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Past Master Phil Griffin was recently awarded with a Mason of the Month Award by 2017 Master Tom Ruby. Brother Phil has been making, custom made gavels for the Lodge for many years. Not only are these gavels functional, but also, individual works of art. The Lodge (and the Brothers) greatly appreciate Bro. Phil's hardwork, craftsmanship and dedication to the Lodge!