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Pewee Valley Lodge had a great meeting with Brothers from all over the District!  We were blessed to have Most Worshipful Deputy Grand Master Bro. Geary Laird and the Masonic Homes District 17 Ambassador Brian Stigers stop in and discuss current affairs going on in the state and the district.  We were also glad to have Past Master of W.G. Simpson Lodge Steve White stop by and attain the traveling gavel from us!  Its always good to share our meeting with visitors, especially such an esteemed group.  If you haven't visited us for a while, stop by and see what all we have going on.


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Brothers from Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 hosted a Constitution Quiz for the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, District 17 brothers.  The Constitution Quiz was developed as a way to familiarize brothers about the Grand Lodge of Kentucky's constitution.  This is an important learning tool for officers of the Lodge, as well as all master masons.  A good time was had by all, and all brothers who participated passed the quiz!


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2018 Master Phil Feigel, Past Master Ron Burgess and Past Master Gene Crady


Visting Brother and Past Master Ron Burgess of Dallasburg Lodge No. 621 presented the Brothers of Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 with a vintage trestle board from Dallasburg Lodge.  Unfortunately, Dallasburg Lodge had to close due to waning membership, so Bro. Burgess was able to save this trestle board and present this to Pewee Valley Lodge.  Its a great honor to be able to share in the history of another Lodge.  Dallasburg Lodge was in operation from 1895 to 2017.

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2019 Pewee Valley Lodge WM Rob Henry with Lockport Lodge WM Steve Apple


On Thursday evening (1/17/19) the Brothers of Pewee Valley Lodge No. 829 managed to steal the traveling gavel from the Brothers at Lockport Lodge No. 772.  We had a fantastic dinner with the Brothers from Lockport and enjoyed the excellent installation of officers they had for the 2019 year.  Congratulations to those Brothers!

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Acting Master Rob Henry with the Grand Lodge of Kentucky's Grand Tyler Bro. Dick Short

Brothers, if its been a while since you've been to Lodge then you need to stop by for a visit!  We've had a lot of things going on this year.  We have had numerous guests and visitors, including the Grand Tyler from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky, Brother Dick Short.  We've also conferred the EA on one new candidate and will be conferring the EA degree on two more candidates on June 5th!  Check our calendar for more info.

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Brothers Shawn Parker (left), John Adkins (2nd from right) and Casey Marrilla (right) welcome our newest EA

One of the big changes the Lodge has undergone is a fantastic renovation project by the Lodge!  The Lodge has a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, new chairs and has been better organized.  A HUGE thanks goes out to Brothers Gene Crady and Bob Strange for taking charge of this project, and what a huge difference it has made.  If its been a while since you've been to Lodge, then now is the time to stop in for a visit!