JWA 1413 700

2016 Master John Shaughnessy and incoming Master for 2017 Tom Ruby (note that stylish hat Bro. Tom is wearing)


As always, the last meeting of the year before our installation is a very busy time.  The Lodge voted on the new officers for 2017, donated funds to several local charities and needs, remembered our sick and distressed brethren and their families and prepared for the upcoming installation and New Year.


One of things to note is that this year, the Lodge voted to give a $100 dollar Walmart gift card to each elementary school in the county.  These gifts are for the purpose of helping school counselors clothe children who might not be able to afford new clothes.  This is such an important and worthy cause to support.  The children in our community will be our future and as Masons, we owe a responsibility to help our community where we can.  To this end, Brother Gene Crady did a lot of the work as far as acquiring the gift cards and setting up meeting times with school counselors to deliver the gifts.  This takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish and the Lodge would like to very sincerely thank Bro. Gene Crady for all his hardwork!  Also thanks to all the Brothers of the Lodge for making this happen!


JWA 1415 700

Bro. Phil Feigel and Past Master Gene Crady (Bro. Gene is smiling because of that large wad of cash in his hand)


Brother Phil Feigel also managed to collect a few funds from the Lodge last meeting to help support a local family in need.  Again Brothers, this is what being a Mason is truly all about.  Thanks to Bro. Phil for going out of his way to look after those in need.


JWA 1416 700

Past Master Doug Flowers (right) presented 2016 Master John Shaughnessy with a pin for his service in the Lodge


This last meeting was also Master John Shaughnessy's time in the East during a regular Lodge meeting.  Its been a great time this year with many good things accomplished in the Lodge.  Thanks and congratulations to Bro. John for his time and service to the Lodge!