Pewee Valley Lodge #829 was able to present Brother Howard Griffin with a 60 year service award to Masonry!!!  Bro. Howard is not only a Mason, but is a retired Master Sargent and served in World War II, the Korean Way and Viet Nam!  Its not only a pleasure to recognize him for his service to Masonry but also to this country!  God Bless you Bro. Howard and thank you for your service!


JWA 0201 700

Bro. Howard Griffin with Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


The Lodge also initiated two new Entered Apprentices on the same night!  We had a few Past Masters doing the degree work and what a great job they did!  Thanks to all the Brothers who helped out with the degree and our Stewards who supplied a great meal!


JWA 0202 700

New Entered Apprentices Matthew Henderson (left) and Dennis Hornback (right) with Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy


We also had several visitors in from out of town.  What a great night it was for brotherly love and affection.  Thanks to those Brothers who came out to support the Lodge.  We always welcome visitors!


JWA 0199 700Worshipful Master John Shaughnessy with visiting Brothers